My path with arts begun at hometown arts school as a kid. It was easy to notice immediately that painting is my source of pure joy and flow. My enthusiasm towards arts and painting has been just growing during these 30 some years.

I dreamed about career as an artist but thought that it might be difficult road in sense of income. Instead I chose to study business and found out that business-related marketing communications and graphic design are arts, too. I studied 2 degrees on these fields; Bachelor of Business Administration (marketing communications) and Bachelor of Art and Design (Design Management) continuing with 1 year of graphic design studies in Barcelona, Spain.

But, I never forgot my source of flow feeling which is painting. I used to paint non-abstract paintings as a kid but when growing up I found my way which is intuitive and abstract paintings that include quite a lot of structure. I usually paint with acrylics and use all kinds of mediums and tools to bring structure to my works.

When painting, I don’t try to reach certain look. I never know beforehand how it’s going to look like. Instead I trust my intuition to work for me and going with the flow.